More upcoming events!

Last Sustainability Friday of the semester this Friday! March 27th 4:00pm-6:00pm at the McGill Faculty Club The McGill Office of Sustainability (MOOS) invites you to have a snack and a drink with the sustainability… Continue reading

Upcoming Events and Opportunities

Great opportunity to be featured on the new SSS McGill official website! SASSS is helping out professor Brian Robinson to edit the new official SSS McGill website (still under construction but will be… Continue reading

SASSS-y Gert’s Night

Join us Tuesday January 27th at Gert’s at 6pm for our first get-together of the semester! MUGS will also be hosting their Welcome Back event at the same place from 5-8pm so come… Continue reading

New yummy Student-run café in SSMU bldg

Yes, we all dearly miss Lola Rosa, but the new student-run café that took its place is RAD, yummy, cheap, vegan-friendly, gourmet, etc. Make sure to check their website here, and to go… Continue reading

Go to Barbados or Cuba this summer and earn credits!

Interested in doing a DOPE trip and earn credits at the same time? Well it’s possible !! Check these two out: Summer in Barbados Summer in Barbados! Have you ever thought of spending… Continue reading

Welcome Back!

WELCOME BACK SSSers   Hope you’re all ready to kick this semester’s ass! If you have not done so yet, please fill in the two surveys! Rate your classes: click here Rate your… Continue reading

Rate your classes!

As an SSS student, I am sure you are familiar with the rollercoaster of emotions and indecisiveness that come with attempting to select classes from that giant list of complimentary courses. Never fear.… Continue reading

Your Opinion Matters!

The 2013 Fall semester is coming to an end, and so does SASSS first semester evahhh!! For this reason, we WANT to know what you think!! Do you think SASSS did a good… Continue reading

Detox Movement

I, like many of you I am sure, love cute clothing. So when I started watching the Detox movement video by Greenpeace, I was shocked. Well, maybe not that shocked, considering I’m studying… Continue reading

Ho ho ho

    Yayyyyy, it’s finally December a.k.a finals, the snow, the cold (eww) Thank god we have our very SASSSy Christmas party to have a break from all this! Make sure to come!… Continue reading