Sustainable Careers and Fields

Thinking about a future career in sustainability?

Here’re some links to get you started!

Green Jobs

Environment Canada Website 

Parks Canada

Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec (MAPAQ) 

Canadian Dairy Commission 

Union des producterus agricoles (UPA)

ECO Canada – Environmental Careers Organization

Canadian Farm Business Management Council 

Ecovert – Sustainability Consulting

Enviro-access Consulting – Directory of companies 

Canadian Botanical Association (CBA) 

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Canada – ACORN Grow a Farmer Apprenticeship Program 

Canadian Seed Trade Association – A Career in Seeds 

Careers in the sciences of agronomy, crops, soils, and environmental sciences

Industry Guide – Agriculture & Agri-Food System 

American Agricultural and Applied Economics Association

Canadian Agricultural Trade Policy and Competitiveness Research Network

Resource Efficient Agricultural Production (R.E.A.P. – Canada

Canadian Agricultural Economics Society

Modernizing Extension and Advisory Services – Links to Associations, Networks and Societies

Industry Guide – Environment & Sustainability

BC Environment Industries Association (BCEIA)

Great Green List

Nova Scotia Environmental Industries Database

Quebec Réseau Environnement

The Green Pages

Ontario Environment Business Directory

Écotech Québec

Canadian Environmental Network


Association of American Geographers (AAG)

Royal Canadian Geographical Society

Canadian Association of Geographers

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada

International Association of Agricultural Economists

Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development (AIARD)

Economic Developers Association of Canada (EDAC)

International Food and Agribusiness Management Association

Food Distribution Research Society